Meet Our Founder

Hi i’m Natalie!

Owner and founder of BORN Naturals, a Canadian based, female-owned, independent small business.

Growing up, I was the only one in my family with curly hair. I had no idea how to care for it, style it or accept it.

I went through all the phases... ponytails, buns, and straightening it every day!

I have vivid memories of using a clothes iron on my hair until I finally got my own real straightening iron!

Why did I hate my natural hair so much? I had no confidence in being different. I had no role model encouraging me to learn to love myself, as myself. One thing I learned is that; until you learn to love yourself as is; you will always want different and you will always see beauty as a competition.

As I got older, I started appreciating beauty in different forms and realized that our unique traits; such as our hair, skin, our imperfections is what makes us beautiful.

It wasn’t until I turned 30 that I truly accepted myself and started to learn to love every inch of me. I began to care for my natural hair, I started researching how foods helped my hair, skin, and even hormones. I started getting pickier about what I put in my body and hair. I wanted to take a stand against sacrificing health for beauty.

I was shocked to see the number of products and services on the market that promised

phenomenal results but come at the cost of harsh chemicals; silicones that leave your hair ultra- shiny but with a ton of build-up, sulfates that are too harsh for the hair and scalp, and parabens and formaldehydes that can disrupt hormone function.

This encouraged me to create products that were friendly to hair, scalp and hormones. I wanted to create an experience for others - one that reminded them that beauty is not a competition. I wanted to celebrate my natural born beauty and have others do so as well.

That’s when BORN Naturals was created.

Born is created for all hair types and have the perfect balance of protein and moisture. Tested on hundreds of hair types, these products are sure to make a happy home in your bathroom for every wash day! I'm incredibly excited to share the knowledge and passion behind the products so you too, can learn to love your Natural Born Beauty.