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Born Naturals Wet Hair Brush

Born Naturals Wet Hair Brush

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Our convenient handle allows the wet hair brush to live in the shower - where it belongs!
This way is can help you with all your detangling and product distribution needs.

The bristles glide through your hair and are bendy enough to be delicate on your hair, yet firm enough to get through the tough spots.

Detangling and distributing shampoo and conditioner while in the shower has never been easier. 

Perfect for all genders and hair types. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Love this brush!

Great brush to have in the shower to use with conditioner!

Thank you for the kind review! We are thrilled to hear you love our products!

Abbey C. Frété
This is the best

I am very happy with this purchase. A big time saver in the mornings.

Celine Tedeascu
Loving this brush

It hangs IN the shower, so smart! It also makes conditioning my hair so much easier

Daniella Pituscha
My kids love this brush

I am used to having mini temper tantrums with my 2 and 4 year old girls around bath time. This brush makes bath time so enjoyable. They love how it feels and the act of brushing their hair IN THE BATH! Who knew it would do so much! For me as a mom, I love how I know I am detangling their hair while applying product. Such a wonderful brush.

Very convenient

Great idea and design. The handle makes it so easy to leave in the shower and cuts out the step of remembering to bring the wet brush in the hair. Also easy clean out the hair afterwards.