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Born Naturals Infinity Spray Bottle

Born Naturals Infinity Spray Bottle

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Styling on dry hair is a big no-no!
That's why we made the propellant-free infinity sprayer! It sprays a fine mist of water and provides a continuous spray pattern for easy and equal coverage.

It's easy to use, reusable and refillable!

Perfect for non-washday refreshes, braids, high pony's and those cute sleek back buns!

Plus, you can add a small dollop of BOOST moisturizer to the water to give extra control, shine, scent and/or hydration. 

Remember: When applying product to hair, ensure hair is wet (not lightly dampened but also not dripping wet... you'll find your sweet spot) this will prevent frizz when dry. 

Perfect for all genders and hair types.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Aleksey Soskov

Born Naturals Infinity Spray Bottle

Reba W
Smart idea!

This is a genius spray bottle! One squeeze and it keeps misting by itself. So smart!

Audrey Maude Gagnon
Perfect customer service

When I received my bottle and it didn't work, at first I was pretty dissapointed. I then sent an email to tell them about it and a very nice lady named Nathalie answered me with a personnalised message including a video she made to show me what might be the problem with my bottle and how to fix it!! I was really impressed. Now my bottle works (it was just a little air trapped in the cap) and I recommend this company to everyone, just because I know they care about their customers and their products are great quality.

Convenient and easy to use

Nice being able to use this bottle than flipping my head into the sink or shower to wet it - very useful!

Lianne K
This saves time for refreshing my hair

Every morning I worry about soaking my work shirt when I need to re-wet and re-style my hair. This comes in so handy and is mess free. I strongly reccomend.