Over moisturizing/over conditioning (this especially affects hair types 2-4... so think wavy and curly hair) occurs when there is more moisture than protein in the hair.
When you add too much moisture to your hair, it can actually break down the protein that keeps your hair strong.

This results in:
- Hair that feels excessively soft and mushy
- Hair that feels 'gummy when wet
- Curl pattern is looser
- Hair strands stretch but don't bounce back
- Excessive split ends
- Limp / Dull hair
- Lack of volume


Wetting your hair causes the hair shaft to swell. This process then lifts the hair cuticle, which allows for water and product absorption. When wet, the hair shaft can also stretch up to 2% in length which can result in stretched hair cuticles.

When the hair then dries the hair shaft shrinks, but if too much moisture has been absorbed or the hair shaft has been over stretched, the hair cuticle no longer lays flat

This results in cracks forming and eventually leads to holes in the hair shaft. These cracks and holes actually increase the hair's porosity, allowing the hair shaft to absorb more moisture/moisturizing products. These moisturizing products are conditioning products.


- Leaving your hair wet for prolonged periods of time
- Too many products being used in a wash day routine
- Hair has been damaged by heat styling
- The number of times per week you shampoo and condition
- Sleeping with your hair wet/with conditioner
- Deep conditioning too often
- Leaving the conditioner in your hair too long
- Not using products in your routine that contain protein

The above processes can actually break down the bonds in your hair, wearing down your hair's natural proteins. This then leaves your strands weak and vulnerable, causing moisture overload


- Clarify / A deep shampooing! (this will be your first step)
- Use products containing protein (restore the protein content within the hair shaft)
- Reduce the amount of conditioning products used (rinse out as well as leave-in)
- Try switching to lightweight products
- Dry your hair with a diffuser / blow dryer rather than leaving hair to air dry
- Reduce hair washing frequency
- Deep condition less frequently