Two Uncommon Foods For Hair Health

Are you ready for it?


Yes, really!
Beef Liver is the number one food for bioavailable copper and retinol (this is pre-formed vitamin A).
Both are crucial for iron regulation.
Our skin, hair, and every cell in our body really, NEEDS oxygen rich and nutrient rich blood.
Beef Liver is know as
Natures Multi-Vitamin!
Then we have Water Buffalo Milk, Yogurt, Kefir.
Think Biotin!
Buffalo milk provides 6.5x more biotin than cow's milk, with 13 mg of biotin per 100 grams.
Biotin is a B vitamin needed to convert food into energy. It also promotes hair health and growth.
Buffalo milk is naturally lactose-free and full of healthy live cultures to promote a healthy gut!
Give them a try and watch your health improve! 
- BORN Naturals