How To Take care of GREY Hair

If you ask us, grey hair is too pretty to be covered up (but to each their own). 

All we are saying is; if you want to rock that silver hair... do it up! 


Here are three most common questions asked about Grey Hair: 

1. Are there specific ways that I should care my grey hair?

The main thing for caring for grey hair is to use a shampoo and conditioner that will add moisture and shine.

Keeping the hair moisturized and balanced with protein is important.

The shine factor really helps in making the grey look lively and vibrant!

Our solution: Cleanse Shampoo, Hydrate Conditioner, Boost Leave-in Conditioner

They are all free from sulfates, paraben, SLS, and phthalates!
They won't strip your naturals oils and they are free from endocrine distrupters!


2. What role does scalp health play in the texture of grey hair? 

Going grey can also mean your hair feels coarser. This has to do with aging because as we age our scalps tend to produce less oil.

The oil we produce is designed to protect the hair and give it a softer moisturized feel.

Our solution: Rosemary Mint with Coffee Bean Growth & Strengthening Oil 


3. What does nutrition have to do with grey hair?

A lot actually! Nutrient deficiencies play a role in greying hair. Copper deficiency will cause greying hair.

Beef liver is the highest source of copper along with retinol and other important nutrients.

All organ meats provide the most Bioavailable nutrients.

Our solution: Grass-fed Beef Organ Complex

It supplies grass-fed beef liver, kidney, heart, spleen, pancreas. The most bioavailable and NATURAL multi-vitamin you can find!