Hair hacks that will keep your hair looking hydrated, defined, and fabulous

Want to know two really cool facts?
  1. Over 65% of the world’s consumer population has textured hair 
  2. More people than ever are embracing their natural texture (yey!)
The thing is, caring for textured hair can be a lot of work.It takes time, gentle care, and the right products. 
Here are some hair hacks all hair types can benefit from and that will be a saviour of textured hair. 
Use a Micro-fiber Towel 
No matter your curl pattern or texture, all curls are susceptible to frizz, and regular towels will only make it worse. Micro-fiber towels are super absorbent and combat frizz. 
Ditch the Toxic Shampoos! Choose a sulfate free shampoo that steers clear from ingredients such as SLS, parabens, phthalates and formaldehydes. From your shampoo to your leave in conditioner, the ingredients matter. Keep them as natural as possible. 
Rinse with Apple Cider VinegarThis tip has been around for ages, and there's a good reason why - it works! 
Apple cider vinegar is a gentle way to prevent bacteria from growing on your scalp.
Apple cider vinegar has more than 30 uses and health benefits. For hair use, mix it with one part water and one part vinegar. Pour it on your hair, let it sit for a few minutes, rinse with water, and finish with your conditioner.
Always Comb Your Hair from the Bottom Up
Tackle tangles from the bottom up, think ends to ears and then ears to roots. Tearing at knots will only cause more damage and breakage to the hair shaft.
Combs and brushes are an important part of hair care. From detangling, to distributing product, and to styling; they are an invest in your hair health. 
Care for Your Hair While You Sleep
Caring for your end doesn't come to an end when the sun goes down. Protecting your hair while you sleep is a must. To wake up with defined curls and waves that aren't smushed or frizzy, wear a satin sleeping bonnet to bed. This protects your hair from friction and knots and keeps your hair products off your pillowcase so they don't cause pimples or irritation to your skin. 
Embrace Your Natural Born Beauty
- BORN Naturals