Do You Colour, Perm, or Relax your Hair?

Do You Colour, Perm, or Relax your Hair?


If you colour, perm, or relax your hair… You could be causing damage!


We are all for expressing yourself through colouring, perming, or relaxing your hair. It’s your hair, and you do you sis!


We do want to point out that overtime this can damage your hair and lead to hair loss. It is important to practice self-care and be consistent with your home Hair care regime. 


Proper washing, conditioning, scalp oiling, scalp massaging and being gentle with hair is extremely important! 


Being gentle with your hair is something we all could practice more of. 


Brushing with the appropriate brush, opting for loose hair styles instead of tight ponies, braids and buns if you’re just hanging around the house, and sleeping with a satin bonnet are all great ways to give a little more TLC to your strands! 


We have all the brushes, bonnets, and hair care products you need! 

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