A common question from men & women over the age of 40...

Why is my hair thinning and I have lack of hair growth?
You can look to products all you want, but I'm here to give you the inside scoop!
Hair products are only PART of the equation. 
They can help to ensure the scalp is clean, follicles are tended to, and hair is kept in good condition. 
BUT... hair growth and retention is also an inside job! 
What you put IN your body matters more than you think. 
Minerals, nutrients, fatty acids, and amino acids are where it's at. 
The common theme with the men and women I speak to regarding hair thinning or lack of new growth, is PROTEIN!
For some reason, as the population ages there is less an importance placed on protein consumption. 
Protein is crucial when it comes to the health and growth of everything in the body; and hair is no exception. 
Try this recipe tonight! 

Potato/Sweet Potato
Red Bell Pepper
Leafy Greens
Black Pepper
Himalayan Salt


Chop, cook, combine! Yes, it's really that easy!


Tip: Make sure the protein is the main character!

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