3 tips for a healthier scalp (plus a bonus!)

3 tips for a healthier scalp (plus a bonus!)

Here’s an analogy you can remember: your hair is like a plant. The scalp is like the soil. When the soil is healthy, the plant (a.k.a. your hair) will be strong and grow!


Here are 3 easy tips for a healthier scalp.


When shampooing, always focus on your scalp and roots. We advise this because this is where we can accumulate a buildup of sebum, dead skin, product and debris, which can clog the hair follicles and cause hair loss, and scalp disorders. If you need to shampoo twice, go for it! 


Give yourself a good scalp massage with either your hands or our beautiful massage brush. This helps bring blood to the follicles and keep them healthy.


Consider a scalp serum, such as our Rosemary Peppermint with Coffee Bean Growth & Strengthening Serum.Remember the analogy that the scalp is the soil and much like we would fertilize the soil in our garden; our scalp needs that nourishment as well. We specifically formulated our serum with rosemary oil and caffeine from the coffee bean as these ingredients are known for scalp health!


And here’s an extra tip! Please do not go to bed with wet hair! When we allow our hair to stay wet, it becomes a hot bed for mould and fungus. This can create havoc on the scalp and can lead to hair loss and an itchy, flaky scalp.


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